What We Learn From Customers

What We Learn From Customers - FITUEYES-CA

Every mature and outstanding brand needs to know its customers well, Fitueyes is not exceptional. After years of development, the concept of“customer-centered”is deeply rooted in Fitueyes staff’s minds. Therefore, we decided to make customer portrait by an online questionnaire with 18 questions. The data we collected from this online survey will provide valuable suggestions for Fitueyes future optimization on both products and service.  

Fortunately, many customers participated in this online survey, which provides a sufficient data sample for our research. Fitueyes is very appreciate for their trust. Fitueyes editors organized and analyzed these submitted questionnaires, post the conclusion here as well.

According to the data, we can hardly see teenagers among Fitueyes customers, most of them are male adults older than 30 years old. In addition, more than 80% of Fitueyes customers are well educated with a decent and high-paying job, many of them are corporate executives, university staff and media workers etc.

However, to our surprise, more than 50% Fitueyes customers are living alone, following by people who are living with a small family. As a result, many of them are living in rented houses or houses with small area. Besides, we find Fitueyes customers show an amazing consistency in the preference of interior design, which is quite interesting. The most frequent keyword is modern, which is followed by classic, elegance and simple. In addition, applying cool colors, such as blue and white on interior design are also very popular among Fitueyes customers.

We also care about customers’ TV Stand shopping habits. The following pie chart demonstrates half of customers are willing to buy TV Stand in physical stores, because offline shopping channels let them feel more reliable in some way. However, when compared to big online shopping platforms like Amazon and Ebay, people are tend to buy TV Stand on brand official website, which really gives us confidence. Moreover, according to the following doughnut chart, all participates take product appearance as the most important factor when choosing a TV Stand. Moreover, 66.67% customers care about TV Stand function, which is followed by price. However, it seems that brand does not give an impact on purchase decision. The good news is, most Fitueyes customers give us positive reviews, since Fitueyes TV Stands are stylish, high quality and have good functions, they are willing to recommend our products to others as well.

To conclude, we cherish every positive label from customers, including artistic, stylish, good-quality, functional and various choices. At the same time, we care about customers’ characteristics and demands.Please give us more time and trust, we are going to launch more well-designed TV Stands, which can be integrated into interior design, improve both product quality and  customer service, to become a professional and outstanding TV Stand brand.



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