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  • The TV stand looks almost dainty, but still sturdy enough to hold the TV securely. At the same time, it has such a neutral design that it looks good in almost any home. @Famefan
  • It is a beautiful and solid piece that adds to my minimalist aesthetic beautifully. For someone like myself who finds the most basic assembly challenging, this was easy to assemble with very clear and logical directions. I am very pleased with this unique and stylish addition to my home. @Kdebernard
  • It is an extremely stable, elegant, modern TV stand with a charm all of its own, which exudes professionalism and high quality in a business environment, but also has a very clear and modern effect in a suitable private living environment. @Melden

  • Originally intended to be placed at home, just as the office lacked one, I did not expect and my office into one, becoming the most unique highlight of my office.@Eric
  • Especially suitable for my small office, small body, great support, good stability, and storage function behind, especially beautiful, thanks fitueyes.@Alex

  • It is definitely a quality stand, well thought out. It has integrated cable management ties, cable ports, a nice finish, and comes with a ton of hardware. It looks really good and modern, too. I mounted a 55" LCD on it, and the weight was no issue. I also mounted a sound bar to it, and it holds up rock solid. @LBrito
  • This is perfect if you want to minimize space. Love the height, the fact that you can hide cords, it swivels & its sturday & easy to assemble. Perfect when you can't mount your TV. @Pei

  • Very sleek and stylish TV stand that's also well built and a great value. Positions my 75" TV 13" above the media console at its highest setting which makes for a movie-like experience where you're looking slightly up at it without it being too high. It also neatly conceals all the wires from my several components. Definitely recommend! @TyM
  • We rent our home so this is the perfect solution for our TOO BIG FOR OUR CABINET TV... lol Easy instructions to put together, simple and elegant looking Our TV is a LG 86" that is 45kg (99lbs) - 400 - 600 Vesa @Macdonald

  • it has always been my desire to be flexibly furnished si. I can do this with the stand. It fits perfectly with my interior, offers storage space for Reseiver and Speetpord. Depending on your mood, I can decide with a push whether I want to choose a living room or bedroom.@Doris
  • Practical, sturdy, versatile, easy to assemble. Looks fab in our living room with a 55” TV. Highly recommend@Patricia
  • This product allows us to move a smart TV off our conference table and still be easily accessible for webinars and other group work. A much better alternative to hanging the TV on the wall.@George
  • There's plenty of storage space with so many shelves. This stand is made for small spaces. Its attractive and sturdy. No wobbling at all. My sound bar fits too. And I love the swivel feature...I can turn the TV without moving the stand. I wasn't sure about the price. But I think its well worth the money I spent. @Neill
  • My kids broke 2 TVs previously. This table is very sturdy and if you are looking for some thing to just prevent kids from breaking the TV this is your choice. @Abdur
  • This is honestly my favorite TV stand that I have ever owned. I love the retro style, it's sturdy, strong enough for any size tv (65in for me), and has tons of storage, can rotate tv to either side, and it even acts as an echo chamber if you put your subwoofer on it (to the great dismay of my downstairs neighbors). Up to 3 levels on the front, and two level shelves on the sides. @Daniel

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