Design Proposals From Fitueyes Customers

Design Proposals From Fitueyes Customers - FITUEYES-CA

The Fitueyes Design Contest is about to end. During this one-month event, we get many creative TV Stand Design Proposals from customers, which inspire our design team a lot. We hereby express our sincere thanks to all participants and post some of excellent ideas here.   

@Buddy Stewart Basically it's a redesign of existing Fitueyes stands wit a redesigned wall fixture. Submitting a second time because I am uncertain about the success of the first submission. It functions as a corner wall mount with the floating look. Can also function as a wall/ceiling attachment. It will be the perfect application in my family room ant it would save floor space. Here I will elaborate how it works.

1. View of the three fitueyes exieting TV stand devices.

2. View of Assembled Unit Mounted on Wall Corner

3. View of design of corner wall brace

4. View of corner wall brace installed

5. View of Assembled Unit Mounted attached to the corner wall brace.

6. TV Installed on a wall corner.

@Nicolas Hince My apartment is new and is structurally all concrete with metal studs and thin drywall. So, I really need a TV Stand has two long adjustable poles with rubber pads that reach any ceiling with adjustable height for tv mount/tv. It will be very useful to owners like me, who have apartments with un-mountable walls (i.e. metal studs and thin drywall).

@Guillermo Chapa III   I need a TV Stand all metal, hight adjustable goal post style with integrated swivel sound bar, modern, minimalist, sleek on a flat base. It can display a flat screen of any size while offering advanced sound that also help to hide wires to provide a minimalist experience so not to distract from the viewing experience. I need it because it will solve a personal problem about where and how to mount a sound bar to make my tv louder for watching and listening to music.

@Rubin Jen I appreciate the "flow" of simple curves and lines, so my ideal TV Stand is an equipment which has curved design, different from the ubiquitous angular stands. The stand is like a modern piece of furniture, as opposed to just a TV stand.

@Prabesh Chalise My current TV stand is fixed and when I recently bought my sofa it was too low and I literally have to recline to watch TV. I also can rotate the current mount from side to side but have to do so manually. Therefore, I would like to have a floating TV stand, which is simple-designed and gives my room a modern touch. The mount will allow TV to move vertically and also will allow it to rotate from side to side with a simple touch of a remote.

@Stephen The need to move TV console every time we need carpet cleaning. An adjustable height design will solve the problem. Hence, we need a TV Stand with adjustable height and has simple storage for video players and sound systems.

@Sebastien Lauzon Giguere It would make the TV look like a piece of art, perfect for corners and to delimitate areas in loft. It should be like an easel, like floating in the air, made to TV 49'' -70'' inches.

@Esther Due to the design of many houses and places, there is often a fire place right in the spot where I would ideally like to put the TV. Often it's impossible to remove the fireplace so have to be creative with tv placement. Ideally, a frame/stand that can go around the TV and place the TV on top of the fireplace without nails would be good. The frame/stand is adjustable to the size of the fireplace, hopefully white to blend in with white walls and useful area to put a sound bar and remote controls. The frame should be tiltable and ideally can also be lowered to a more comfortable eye level depending on the height of the fireplace.It has to be adjustble to different fireplace sizes. Tiltable and lowerable to a more comfortable viewing angle. Should have a spot for sound bar and remote control holder.

@Lance Frieburger I am dreaming for owning a home/office TV Stand with black wraparound metal legs, dark gray MDF structure. Two small drawers at the bottom of either corner with doors above. dark tinted glass front of drawers/doors. Open shelves in the middle. Appx 58" in length. TV can mount on the wall, or sit on top of the stand.

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