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We Are Happy to Help - FITUEYES-CA

As an internationally renowned brand, Fitueyes has actively taken social responsibility and strived to maintain a good corporate image. This year, we expanded our philanthropy to new areas.

In February, we received an email from a teacher (Tom Kirk) at Central Hastings School. The school is a high school in Madoc, Ontario in Hastings County, attended by more than 200 students from throughout the Central Hastings area. It offers the Specialized High Skills Major, a specialized high school degree in which students focus their secondary education on construction.

In the letter, Mr. Kirk explains that because of the impact of COVID -19, the school's teachers have had to work from home for long periods of time to teach students in online courses. The lack of exercise and social interaction makes them very tired physically and mentally, and it is difficult to concentrate, resulting in low work efficiency. By chance, he came across Fitueyes' website and found that our electric desks not only look beautiful, but also are functional and fully meet their needs. Therefore, Mr. Kirk hopes that we can send electric desks to teachers in schools to help them correct their posture and achieve a balance between standing and sitting at work.

Fitueyes has always cared about education, and we are honored to be able to contribute to education. So we immediately responded to the request and got to work. After discussion, we decided to send Electric Computer Desk 47" x 24'' Inches with Drawer and Bag Hook. In addition to the basic lifting function, this desk has many powerful functions. Bag/headset holder and large capacity drawer help for storage problem solving. Rounded desk corner design makes it beautiful and safe. Therefore, we think it is very suitable for school teachers to use.

The good news is that the teachers at Central Hastings School really like the electric desks we gave away. The desks are very sturdy and the lifting function helps a lot for releasing body pain and boost the blood circulation effectively.

Fitueyes is grateful for their love and affirmation for our products, We will continue to strive to provide better products and services, and we will also actively participate in educational charity to provide high-quality equipment to schools or educational institutions around the world.


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