My Story With FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffiel Tower Series

My Story With FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffiel Tower Series - FITUEYES-CA
In early April this year, I moved to my new house, which was shinny and pretty. When everything settled and I was sitting down with my boy friend Joe in our new living room, it was the first time I realized that we needed a new TV Stand, since the old one was out of style, it did not match this well-designed living room. However, I had no idea on where to purchase a new one. Luckily, my friend Amy shared her recent shopping experience on Fitueyes, where she got a good TV Stand.
When I browsed the website, I was totally surprised by FITUEYES Floor TV Stand Eiffiel Series. It showed a perfect combination of Eiffel Tower and easel, which reminded me of romantic days in Paris, where I met Joe. We used to walk on the Champs Elysées covered with leaves, drank coffee in the cafe on the left bank of the Seine, kiss in front of Eiffel Tower as well. My eyes was fixed firmly on this TV Stand. When memories came surging, for me , this TV equipment is more than a product.
I preferred the white one, since my living room has bright decoration style. I completed the purchase immediately that night, with full of expectation. Fortunately, Fitueyes logistics was very fast and the product was easy to assemble. It only took me 20 minutes and I did not seek help from Joe. Now the TV Stand is standing quietly at the corner of the living room, supporting my 75’’ Sony Television, such a beautiful and sturdy equipment.
Now Joe and I are still working from home, with all day spending in our own house. In this situation, the TV Stand plays an important role in my daily life. Joe built an amazing home theatre, which was decorated by nice couches and carpets. The two-layer shelves on TV Stand is used to place his DVDs, Joe is a movieholic. At working days’ nights, we often enjoy movies together for relaxation. In addition, the equipment has castors, it is easy to move. During weekends, we prefer to take the TV Stand to our backyard, where is sunny and flowers are in full bloom. Watching football matches and talk shows while drinking coffee in the nature is becoming our new leisure way.
All in all, this TV Stand is very helpful and bring me lots of happiness. I am appreciate Fitueyes prepared this product for me and let me experience such a good customer journey.

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