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Mobile TV stands (or TV carts), are nothing new in office supplies. But over the past couple of years, especially since Samsung launched THE SERIF mobile TV, people have been inspired to use mobile TV stands with their TVs to DIY an even visual feast at home.

So what advantages does the removable TV stand bring? We summarized the feelings of some users, found that the reasons for their recommendation are mainly economic, practical and functional.


As office supplies, obviously, it can be moved between different conference rooms, the orientation is determined on demand, and the height is adjustable, which can adapt to the needs of different occasions.

And the main reason why he got into the house should be practical and economical.

Ⅰ Diversified functions, save the cost of purchasing furniture and space

A good quality stationary TV cabinet is not cheap, and for each member of the family to use the TV easily, we often need to install TVs in the living room, bedroom, office and so on. Every TV needs a TV cabinet... These are not only expensive, but also take up a lot of available space in the house. Actually, it doesn't have to be so awkward.

For example, we usually use the TV in the bedroom, and sometimes a few people gather in the living room, with a mobile stand, one TV is enough. Even if you must buy several TVs, using a TV stand is more affordable than a TV cabinet.

Ⅱ Increase the frequency of TV usage

Someone likes to watch the cooking video in the kitchen, some like to watch movies on the balcony while sunbathing, after the TV can be moved, no need to hold a mobile phone or computer and to watch a small screen, especially for young people, the TV is no longer idle, a large screen is more enjoyable for anyone.


Ⅲ Enhanced security when the TV is rotated

While one wants the stand rotation function, he may also wonder whether the large size TV stand shaft is stable enough and hesitate to buy it. However, the mobile stand uses wheels to realize the rotation function, eliminating the need for the shaft for rotation, making the structure of the stand simpler and more reassuring.


  • It is very important that, while ensuring the functionality of the furniture, the appearance of the tool itself can be improved,making it more than just a tool, it will make our little house warmer and more beautiful.

So, don't reduce your supply requirements and find the one that works best for you.

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