Picasso Series - Decorate Life with Art

Picasso Series - Decorate Life with Art

Design Unique 

The shape of the Picasso series is unique among FITUEYES TV stands. Originally, the structure of the tripod is common in the category of TV stand, the structure is very simple, and it is inevitably the same.

But what the FITUEYES design team saw was the beauty of the easel. They changed the rough shape of the tripod itself as a tool, and skillfully turned your TV into an artistic painting. Therefore, the designers of FITUEYES decide to name him after a famous painter-Picasso. 


Perfect corner decorator 

Sleek and simple, with a small footprint, this is the feature of the furnishing we pursue. PICASSO is perfect for any corner of the room. The corner space is used and it is not cluttered or ugly. 


Durable and safe materials

I understand that many people have a soft spot for wood, but the designers of FITUEYES always plan the material for every part of the product. The tripod body is still made of wood, but it is also wrapped in steel for the durability of appearance and fundamental stability of the product.

Similarly, given the difficulty of operation during personal installation and the experience of use, iron, fabric ... New material combination method have emerged. With this combination of materials, the top and bottom halves of this stand fit together harmoniously.

If you enjoy the design sense that geometry and industrial style bring to your interior, please trust the creations of FITUEYES designers.

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