Besides hanging on the wall, is there any other way to put the TV

Besides hanging on the wall, is there any other way to put the TV

The living room is a place where the family chats, entertains and enhances their relationship, and it is usually a place for the host to entertain guests, so its importance is self-evident. With a TV, the entertainment and interactivity of the entire living room will be improved. However, the TV is easy to buy, and how to place it is a question worth thinking about.

Although the TV cabinet can meet the needs of family living, storage and beauty. But today's TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and the previous stable chassis has been replaced by lightness, so the current TVs cannot be placed on the TV cabinet smoothly, which is also affect the safety of the family. In order to reduce such risk factors, and if there are old people and children at home, it is recommended to install the TV on the wall, which not only saves the living room space to a greater extent, but also looks more beautiful and tidier.

But if you are renting a house and cannot punch holes in the wall, how can you better place the TV? As the saying goes, the house is rented, but the life is our own, we need to learn to enjoy life. The movable floor-standing TV stands can not only avoid punching holes in the wall, but also is safer and more flexible. So it is your first choice if you are still renting.

The convenience of floor TV stand

The TV mobile cart, the combination of TV + cart, takes into account both space and beauty, making the living room decoration more flexible. The open arrangement of the TV instantly enhances the taste of the living room space, allowing you to enjoy a new home life experience anytime, anywhere.

Convenient features of FITUEYES floor TV stand: -5° to +15° tilt; 15° swivel; 2-level height adjustment stand; hidden channel cable management for different needs.

Design of floor TV stand

The unique surface punching design makes the installation process more convenient. The double-bar partial pressure bearing can easily load various types of TV sets. The hole spacing is changeable, which improves the installation compatibility. Shadow is more comfortable. The universal roller has its own brake system, which can stay firmly on the inclined surface, and the built-in harness arrangement device makes it easier to push.

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the trapezoidal design of FITUEYES TV stand is built for aesthetics and science, making the product look like a piece of art.

If the living room is spacious enough, you can also install a home theater to make the whole space more fulfilling and complete, and the movie-watching experience will also have a qualitative leap. Utilizing the characteristics of TV’s double-pole lifting, its bottom can be fully utilized as a storage space. In addition, the biggest convenience of the TV cart is that you can easily follow the drama even if you are eating in the living room or doing housework on the balcony. FITUEYES TV stands like a 65-inch corner TV stand, creating a complete viewing system, which is quite bold and innovative.

The modern family viewing mode of TV + trolley saves time, trouble and money. One TV can perfectly meet all the needs of the family. Don't you want to take home such a trendy and easy-to-use new favorite of home life?

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