Zen Series

Zen Series Design Inspiration

Absorb the power of "wood"
Get rid of complicated decorations and return to the original
Light and shadow climbing along the grille
Intertwining the elegance of Chinese style in the transformation of virtual and real
The beauty of nature combined with Zen, form and meaning complement each other

30° Adjustment

Widen the field of view | 30° angle adjustment

4 Levels

Comfortable viewing | 4 height adjustment

Naturalistic style design

FITUEYES provides well-designed TV stands to meet your needs for TV mobile functionality. We believe that the combination of TV and floor TV stands will set off an audio-visual revolution.


Cable management & TV BOX storage

  • Solid wood grille design
  • Height adjustment design
  • Removable shelves

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cantilever tv stand
Natural materials
cantilever tv standcantilever tv stand
Meuble TV au sol Zen Series 55-80 pouces Prix de venteCA$269.98
Back To Nature, Back To Self


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