FITUEYES mobile TV mount: You can move to the TV position at Will

FITUEYES mobile TV mount: You can move to the TV position at Will

In recent years, more and more young people choose those TV stands with a strong sense of design instead of those traditional stands when decorating their rooms. Because these design-rich stands can be customized and disassembled, which just occupy a small area, and they can integrate aesthetics and practicality to a greater extent, making the home decoration style more in line with the aesthetics of young people and the times.

1.Unpacking introduction of FITUEYES mobile TV mount

The packaging box is simple, with the brand and product style printed on it. After opening, it is a compact part, and the merchant also thoughtfully placed a foam box to protect the TV stand parts during transportation.

Take out the parts one by one and arrange them. The mobile TV mount needs to be assembled by yourself. There are not too many parts, and the seller has thoughtfully intimately equipped the tools needed for installation. Each tool is also packaged in a lettered bag to prevent loss and easy identification. There are two series of this TV stand, the simple version and the premium version, and the colors are black and white.

2.FITUEYES mobile TV mount installation process

The TV mount is easily to install, the customers can assemble it by themselves just follow the

manual or search for the installation video of the same model on the Internet. And it averagely takes about ten minutes.

The first thing to install is the universal wheels at the bottom. There are four of them and require 16 screws to hold and assemble. The design of this wheel is well received by our users, it is very stable when locked, and can change direction smoothly when unlocked. The base material is an environmentally friendly high-density board, thick and tough, without irritating smell. There are three holes on the base, and the bolts pass through these three holes to fix the lower end of the stand to complete the connection between the lower end of the stand and the base, which makes it to be very firm after the connection.

Below are two metal hanging bars. In order to distinguish between left and right during installation, the merchant specially made two colors, black on the left and red on the right. They are attached to the back of the TV with screws. The upper end of the hanging bar is a hole design, and the lower end is a strip design, corresponding to the size when hanging on the TV stand. The merchant provides a variety of fixing screws for customers to choose the specific screw model according to the TV model (32~75 inches).

The main bracket is made of steel with plastic-sprayed surface. There are three sets of holes on the stand. You can choose the corresponding holes according to the size of the TV and your viewing needs. The height of the TV with the highest hole position from the ground is 1470mm, and the height of the TV with the lowest hole position is 1270mm. It is also very convenient to adjust after installation, just unscrew the bolt to adjust the position and then tighten it. The two beams are used to install the upper end components and hang the TV, there are two in total. The crossbeam needs to go through the mounting holes on the top first, and then fix it with four screws.

3.FITUEYES mobile TV mount experience

The main reason for buying this mobile TV mount is to satisfy children's desire for a TV set that belongs to them. After children sign up for the dance class, they must practice on time after each class. With this TV stand, children can review the dance moves in time without distraction in the room.

This TV stand really solves some daily problems. When after dinner, children must be discussing with their father in the living room whether to watch cartoons or watch the news broadcast. No one is subdued, and the quarrel will always make people feel upset. With this TV stand, the unused TV set in the basement becomes exclusive to the children, which makes them very satisfied.

After watching the cartoon, children will realize that it is time to start doing their homework. With this TV stand, they can move the TV to the bedroom and create a study space for themselves. Children as young as six years old can move this TV stand with ease and effortlessly. Therefore, this is a TV stand worth buying.

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