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Special Love for Male Customers - FITUEYES-CA

During recent years, there are variety of promotion activities expressing love and care to women, but very few activities for men. Fitueyes reckons that men also constitute an important social group, which is worthy of attention. Due to the following reasons, we want to launch an web activity to give male customers special love and care.

  1. Men play different roles at different stages of life, shoulder heavy responsibility as well. As a son, he needs to be filial to his parents. As a husband, he needs to work hard and love his wife. After having babies, a man is required to provide children with financial support and enough time company. In addition to, men also shoulder social responsibilities, like being an outstanding employee, a good boss, even a nice neighbor. Therefore, we have to acknowledge that men is a group with great contributions.
  2. Family and social responsibilities usually bring heavy pressure. However, many of them are not good at expressing their inner stress. Instead of seeking help from family members and friends, some of them are tend to bear bad mood alone, which really gives negative impacts on both mental and physical health. Hence, Fitueyes think we really need to pay attention to men’s needs, find out what they really want and care, help them release the burden.
  3. Back to our business, Fitueyes is a professional group for TV Stands manufacturing and selling, our products are very popular among male customers, many of them buy TV Stands for families. After purchasing, usually male customers will be responsible for the installation work, including moving load-bearing packages, studying instructions, as well as assembling the parts. It is not an easy task, usually takes lots of time and energy. Fitueyes is really appreciate their efforts and patience.

As a result, Fitueyes is going to launch a special event for male customers this year, which will last for the whole October. There are two small activities. One is “Men’s exclusive offer”: we will provide all male customers 50$ off on selected TV Stands and AV Carts. The other one is called “A Gift to Men You Know”: every customer can get a nice offer, after entering a short statement to explain who you want to give and why. Fitueyes hope that all customers will like this event and expect receive positive feedback from you.

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