4 Best Ergonomic Products to Purchase this 2021

4 Best Ergonomic Products to Purchase this 2021 - FITUEYES-CA

Modern people usually suffer from negative impacts of sedentary, due to long-term desk work and study. However, traditional desks do not have adjustable height and other ergonomic-designed functions, which usually offers a static sitting posture and fixed view sight. It usually brings heavy stress to users back and legs, triggering back pain as well. In this case, having a comfortable workstation is necessary. Luckily, ergonomics technology is maturing gradually, many ergonomic products are hitting the market. When compared to traditional working desks, ergonomic desks feature a slew of adjustable mechanisms,which can be customized for each user’s physique. This function can help to accelerate blood cycle and release body stress by offering a balance between standing and sitting.

Fenge, this brand is committed to offer people ergonomic solution by designing high-quality electric desks and standing desks , so as to lead a healthy and more productive life. We list 4  most worth buying Fenge ergonomic desks here, hope they can be your ideal work&study partners.

The top of Standing Desk Converter 2-Tier Series measures 31.5” x 24.2” and it has a up to 33lbs weight capacity. As a result, it is big enough to provide plenty of space for people to use and sturdy enough to support monitors and other setups. In addition, Its maximum adjustable height is 19.8 inches, while 4.3 inches for minimum. The dual gas spring force makes height adjustment smooth, so as to ensure a comfortable viewing angle for users at any height.

Duplex Electric Standing Computer Desk, gains popularity from customers, due to its artistic-designed appearance, like an elegant piano. Hence, many people regard it as a beautiful furniture to complete the  work place. As for function, 47” x 27” dimension of the table top offers you a plenty of space. You can also place small items(mobile phones etc) on the well-designed inclined ramp. It has adjustable height and it is easy to operate. Just one simple click on the soft button, the height will be adjusted from 32.5 inches to 52.2 inches. Moreover, this equipment has 4 programmable storage settings, which accurately records the most suitable height for you. In addition, It holds up to 176.3LBS of gear, while making minimal noise during height transition.

Due to its unique L-shaped appearance, L-shape Ergonomic Electric Computer Desk offers users a reasonable space utilization solution by filling the corner of your space. Moreover, 48” x 28” desktop dimension is suitable to place 3 monitors, provides users plenty space for writing, drawing and gaming as well. The height can be definitely adjusted from 29.5 '' to 48.2'', which ensures suitable height for people with different physical features. This function is operated by powerful motors, running speed: 1"/second, no need to worry about noise, it is under 40 db.

Electric Stand Up Desk shows a high-cost performance by its powerful functions and reasonable price(only 209$). It is a very sturdy electric desk supported by a cross-bar, which will also help the height adjustment from 28” to 48.6”, and the equipment will remember the heights automatically. 43” x 24” size tabletop is big enough for daily usage, its smooth and flat surface is easy to clean. It provides you a healthy balance between sitting and standing.



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