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Our Story

At Fitueyes, we've specialized in designing and purveying audiovisual equipment and office supplies since 2005. Since it first appeared on the scene to this day, the TV has been one of the most used household appliances. It accompanies people like a true friend and brings joy to every home. This growing reputation led to the increasing demand for TVs. However, many people encounter some difficulties when installing a traditional TV stand at home.These problems include, drilling holes in walls and moving around heavy equipment. To solve these problems and provide people with high-quality usage experiences, Fitueyes has devoted itself to developing and launching Floor & Table Top TV stands with beautiful appearance and useful functions, with a business model that spans many regions worldwide.

Whether you have a modern, retro or minimalist decor, you'll always find a Fitueyes TV stand that fits perfectly. They are not only a tool to consistently support your TV, they are also artistic home decoration items. Inspired and rapidly updated with interior designing trends, our professional designers integrate artistic design and break through traditional barriers to deliver diverse products for different scenarios. The design series is our proudest work - original and unique. They are the expression of Fitueyes’ industrial designers' life aesthetics and show Fitueyes’ core innovation values. Our reliable support team is always on-hand to assist you with any questions and installation guides. Click to shop for Floor TV Stand.

At the same time, we began to realize the vast potential business opportunities in the field of ergonomics . Ergonomics is a field that developed post-World War II. It ensures that tools and their usage adapts as much as possible to the natural shape and movements of the human body to reduce fatigue caused by using these tools. With the development of the brand and the advancement of technology, Fitueyes started to design and produce desktop monitor stands in 2014. After that, Fitueyes expanded its production to cover standing desks and electric desks. These ergonomic products have a high performance  to price ratio and are popular among customers globally. In 2020, we launched a series of electric desks with unique designs, as created by Fitueyes designers. In recent years, Fitueyes has focused on building a smart office that provides a comfortable and flexible workspace for modern office workers. Click here to shop for Fitueyes Electric Desks.

Today, both our audiovisual products and our ergonomic products leverage ergonomic technology. Most of Fitueyes’ TV stands are height adjustable and can be swivelled from left to right to provide the most comfortable viewing angle for people of all heights. Fitueyes electric desks have a lifting function that improves users' posture and increases productivity. Our products are sold in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia, and enjoy favorable reception among customers worldwide.


Our Core Values

1. Designing stylish products with nice functions 
2. Delivering quality products fast&free 
3. Providing customers the best service


Our Mission

1. Integrating equipment into interior design

2. Creating a design-driven home aesthetic

3. Taking social responsibility 

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