Master Series—A Symbol of Exquisite Urban Life Taste

Master Series—A Symbol of Exquisite Urban Life Taste - FITUEYES-CA

Unique Marble Design  

This TV Stand is inspired by the design of Groenlândia, a commercial space in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which shows modern design of whole body marble, Solemn and beautiful. Fitueyes Designers decide to choose marble as main materials, not only because it has beautiful texture, but also symbolizes elegance and nobility. In order to make it more sturdy and reduce the cracking risk during the shipment, Fitueyes designers decided to make a design combining marble and tempered glass. Moreover, Fitueyes invited some masters to deal with the texture, to make it more charming.

Wide Use Range 

This equipment not only can be used in home and office, but also gain popularity among people who owns art studios, restaurants and exhibition halls. Because, its unique design can be integrated into modern interior design style perfectly.

Durable&Safe Materials

The equipment is made of high quality steel and 0.3 inch thick marble pattern tempered glass, which is sturdy and durable. It protects your TV from dropping. Moreover, circular design of base and equipment column, makes this equipment more safe, no worries that your children and pets will get hurt by its sharp edge.

Powerful Functions  

This equipment has 38.6 - 46.5 inches adjustable height and ±20° swivel range, it always ensures the most comfortable viewing angle for people at any height. Hidden wiring storage in the post, small items storage in the back. Wire can be stored through the post and well-designed back allows you to organize small items, like wires and outlets.


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