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Customers may have choice phobia when buying an Ergonomic Electric Desk, many of them have trouble with how to find a suitable desk, which can meet their requirements and match their styles. Fitueyes Buyer Guide provides you with Ergonomic Electric Desk basic knowledge and clarify your purchase demands, help you become a wise buyer.

Why Buy a Ergonomic Electric Desk?

Modern people are living under high work&study pressure, many of them suffer from body pain due to long-time desk work and sedentary sitting. People who are using traditional desks may found them cause a static sitting posture and fixed view sight, as well as bringing heavy stress to users back and legs. Therefore, to have a ergonomic desk in your work&study place is necessary.

The benefits for using an Ergonomic Electric Desk:

Helps Improve Health: Sedantry sitting is linked to many ailments, such as diabetes, poor blood circulation, and body pains. A standing desk encourages people to spend more time standing, so as to eliminate fatigue caused by sedentary sitting.

It Helps with Posture: Prolonged sitting can result in poor posture and body pains. Incorporating a standing desk in your workspace can help you to reach a standing&sitting balance, so as to maintain a good posture.

Improved Productivity: A pain-free body equates to fewer absences at work and more time and energy to devote to finish tasks. 


Many people worry about there will be a large cost on an Ergonomic Electric Desk, not only money, but also time cost. No worries, purchasing Ergonomic Electric Desks is a worthy investment. If you buy desks from reliable brands, such as Fitueyes, you will get durable equipment, which can be kept and used for a very long time. Because we invest long time on product design and manufacture. If you average this cost to every single day, You will find that this cost is approximately equal to a piece of candy. This small activity will help you gain a long-term benefits for both physical and mental.

Fitueyes is a professional group for Ergonomic Electric Desk manufacturing and selling. We provide cost-effective Ergonomic Electric Desk when compared to other brands. As for service, Fitueyes offers 3-Year product guarantee, our customer service team is always ready to answer questions and deal with your problems. Moreover, if you need to get a part replacement, we will send it to you without extra charge.

Besides money, people are also worried about time cost, since this kind of large equipment usually requires longer time for transportation and assemble. However, Fitueyes has US&Canada based-warehouse and only takes 3-5 working days for free shipping. Moreover, it is very easy to put the item together.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Electric Desk?

It is important to understand that not all Ergonomic Electric Desks are built the same. Actually, there is a lot to consider when choosing an ideal one.

Desk Top Dimensions — We provides desks with different desk top sizes, people can choose based on their own needs.

Weight Capacity— How much weight the desk can load. Some people may want to place more than two monitors or many different electronic devices on it. In this case, you really to buy a desk with outstanding weight capacity. 

Lifting Range —  The adjustable heights of the Fitueyes electric desks are slightly different. People need to identify carefully based on their own height.

Controller — We have two controller types.

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