A Day in the Life: Fitueyes Designer

A Day in the Life: Fitueyes Designer - FITUEYES-CA

Hi, this is Bingo, an Audiovisual Product Designer from Fitueyes brand. Many people wonder what a designer’s business day is like? What is our daily routine? How do we create nice products by magical hands? Today, I am going to take you to review one of my working day.

7:00  The annoying alarm clock went off again, this is the time I have to wake up. After morning bath, I prepared myself scrambled egg, bread with butter and a cup of flat white. Yes, I love flat white, the best coffee ever refreshes my day.   

8:20  After 2-minute walking, I arrived at my office. Oh..someone was already there. “Good morning Guilio!” I made a second flat white and did some cleaning. I don't want to start my work in a chaotic environment.

8:30  It’s time to work. I was writing a to do list, since it helps me plan my work better.

9:00  I opened my work account to check the product ranking changes, and tried to find some possible reasons of fluctuations, which will be of great help to future optimization. Then, I spent some time on competitors’ websites browsing, I need to check what’s new in the market and collect latest design elements. I really care about customers and hope they will love my design.  

9:20  It is nearly 20 past 9, my favorite time of the day. I opened the project management software and spent most of the morning time in design work. Oh..I brought some of my manuscripts, really pretty, isn’t it?

11:30  Jenny’s message was here, she always brings me previous-day customer letters on time. To be honest, I love reading customer letters, it’s a good way to learn customer demands and what we can do on product optimization.

12:00  Lunch break! I really wanted to eat Five Guys burgers across the street, but, I am on a diet. A homemade sandwich with vegetable stuffing was my lunch today, It would be great if I stuff some luncheon meat in.

13:00  I started my afternoon work in the laboratory for testing some samples. We need to find some problems before the product mass production, so as to acquire more time for problem analyzing and solving. This is a very important step to ensure product quality.   

15:00  I was drawing a standard drawing. It would be sent to the factory later.

17:30  Oh! My colleagues were calling me, we often brainstorm after getting off work, in order to share new design ideas and difficulties we came across for the whole day. I really enjoy discussing issues in a relaxed atmosphere, all of my colleagues are nice people, they are always generous in knowledge share and help offer.

19:00  Today’s dinner was grilled lamb chops and clam soup, my mom made them for me, very delicious!

23:00  it’s almost the end of the day. Have a nice dream, tomorrow is another day.  

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